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Note: All bidders should visit this site upto the Close Date and necessarily upto the Extended Close Date/s if any, i.e. upto the final date of bid submission for any tender, as such for any change or amendment/ corrigendum/ addendum as may be notified by UTIITSL (the tendering authority) for their assured consideration and due incorporation of all / modified requirements of tender in submission of their bid/proposal.

Title/ Description/ Name of Work Downloads Release Date Close Date
E-Bid for Providing Technical On Call Support for Application, Database, Server and Network Setup
UTIITSL invite online bids through e-tenders from the interested parties. The Technical Bid and Financial Bid with details can be viewed in our website / Antares ETS portal viz www.utiitsl.com and https://www.tenderwizard.com/UTIITSL
For details and bidding please log on to: https://www.tenderwizard.com/UTIITSL
Tender Document

15/09/2021 05/10/2021 3:00PM
Bid for disposal of old Air conditioner And other Electronic parts (scrap condition) at CBD Belapur office Tender Document

14/09/2021 29/09/2021 3:00PM
Notice of sale of M/s OTC Exchange of India Property Advertisement
Tender Notice
Technical Bid
Tender Document
Corrigendum 1
Corrigendum 2

10/07/2021 30/09/2021 3:00PM