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UTIITSL is one of the largest Financial Service Providers in India - SEBI approved Category 1 - Registrar and Transfer Agent, offering R&T services to the investors of Mutual Fund AMC, Bond/ Deposit/ shareholders of Corporate, Financial Institutions and Government Companies.

Registrar and Transfer Service for Mutual Funds

  • Application and document analysis
  • Data integrity and allocation of folio number
  • Printing and dispatch of certificates/interest warrants/letters etc.
  • Brokerage Payment

  • Changes: address, bank details, name, etc.
  • Repurchase/ Redemption of units
  • Issuing of duplicate certificates
  • Unit/Share Transfer
  • Death Claim Settlement
  • Demat and Remat Requests

  • Issuing and revalidation of warrants
  • Issuing of duplicate warrants

  • Collection of paid instruments from banks
  • Reporting of paid warrants
  • Updating warrants issued Master
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Reporting of account payables and receivables

  • All MIS Reports as required
  • All Reports as per SEBI (MF) Regulations

Registrar and Transfer Service for Mutual Funds

  • Processing of transfer requests and scanning of signatures
  • Record maintenance
  • Shareholder services
  • Issuing of bonus shares
  • Dividend payments
  • Assistance at the Annual General Meeting / Extra-ordinary General Meeting
  • Demat/Remat services
  • MIS Reports

  • Initial public offers of Corporations and New Fund Offer of MF AMC
  • Portfolio management and accounting
  • Distribution of financial products
  • Document handling of clients

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